Selvage Concrete Products is the north bay distributor for Norweco NSF 40 rated residential Singulair Wastewater Treatment Systems.

Pretreatment Chamber
Wastewater enters at the Singular inlet and is equalized here as anaerobic bacteria and gravity precondition it.
Aeration Chamber
Wastewater enters at the Singulair inlet. Here, safe, living aerobic bacteria converts the wastewater into stable substances. Flow equalization maximizes this biological oxidation and assures 24-hour retention and treatment.


Clarification Chamber
Flow equalization the settling of biologically active substances inside the Clarification
Chamber. Wastewater has now been converted into clarified liquids in this chamber.
Bio-Kinetic System
Bio-Kinetic System combines filtration, setting, non-mechanical flow equalization, optional disinfection, adjustable outlet weir and optional dechlorination features into a single, revolutionary package.
Precast Concrete Tank
The tank is reinforced precast concrete manufactured by Selvage Concrete Products
and delivered by our trucks to your building site.
System Size
500/600 gallon per day system – One to Four bedroom home. 1000 gallons per day system – five to eight bedroom home.  
Service Pro Control Center
Every Singulair System is installed with a Solid State Electrical Control Center. Each is equipped with Resettable Current Sensor, On/Off selector switch, Red Warning Light, Time Clock, Audible Alarm, Auxiliary Inputs and FCC Licensed Autodialed for Remote Monitoring and Individual Components. 


Wastewater Tanks in Santa Rosa

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