Quality Fiberglass Fiber Tanks

Fiber tanksThe fiberglass tanks we sell are fully compliant with local regulations, and we ensure every product we sell will provide dependable service for many years. We stock tanks in sizes of 750 gallons, 1,000 gallons, 1,200 gallons, 1,500 gallons and 2,000 gallons, and we can provide tanks up to 12,000 gallons by special order. If you have a need for a larger tank, we distribute Xerxes tanks up to 60,000 gallons. All our fiberglass tanks are competitively priced to ensure you get the best deal with the highest quality.

High-Quality Fiber Tanks

Fiberglass tanks are rustproof, safe to the environment and have proven through the decades to be long-lasting. Many of the first fiberglass tanks installed back in the 1950’s still remain in service today. Many major oil companies specify that only fiberglass tanks may be used for their underground fuel storage installations. Fiberglass tanks are also specified by wineries restaurants, RVparks and residential homes and communities. As a distributor for Fiber Tanks, we proudly sell the best quality at competitive prices.

selvage concrete productsBenefits of Fiberglass Tanks

  • Reduced Weight – Fiberglass weighs much less than concrete, which makes it a better option for certain situations that may involve ground that can’t support the weight of a concrete tank.
  • Easy to Transport – Since the tanks weigh quite a bit less it makes them easier to transport. It also makes them easier to lift via crane or otherwise. Fiberglass tanks are ideal for locations where large trucks can’t access.
  • Ease of Installation – Fiberglass water tanks are easy to install thanks to their reduced weight.

If you’re in the market for a fiberglass water or wastewater tank, look no further than Selvage Concrete. We’re experts at a lot more than just concrete!

Fiberglass Water and Wastewater Tanks in Santa Rosa

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