Why Fiberglass Septic Tanks Are Superior to Concrete Septic Tanks in Santa Rosa

selvage concrete productsAre you on the market for one or more septic tanks in Santa Rosa, California? Two of the most popular options include fiberglass septic tanks and concrete septic tanks. Both of these materials are very popular among homeowners and businesses. While neither option is strictly a “bad” choice, there are a few distinct reasons that you may want to opt for a fiberglass tank manufacturer. Consider the following important factors before purchasing a fiberglass septic tank or concrete septic tank in Santa Rosa.

More Economical

Fiberglass septic tanks are a more economical choice than concrete tanks. Over time, you will spend less on the tank, installation, and maintenance. This is especially true for medium to large capacity systems. Fiberglass water tanks are also a more economical solution.

More Durable

While concrete is known for its durability, fiberglass septic tanks are even more durable. Once buried, fiberglass tanks become completely inert. Unlike concrete, it won’t degrade, rust, or weaken.

Less Maintenance

Fiberglass septic tanks also require less maintenance than concrete septic tanks do. There will be no need for special monitoring or seal replacement over the years. You also won’t need to worry about stray electrical currents. With fiberglass, you can rest easy, knowing that your tank is fine year round!

Interested in a Fiberglass Septic Tank in Santa Rosa?

Are you interested in purchasing one or more fiberglass septic tanks in Santa Rosa, California? Now that you understand a few significant differences between fiberglass and concrete tanks, it’s easy to see why so many companies and homeowners prefer fiberglass products. To receive expert buying advice and unbeatable customer service, contact Selvage Concrete Products Inc. in Santa Rosa today. You can also count on us for grease inceptors, sand and oil traps and sand/oil separators. We sell products to both residential and commercial customers and offer wastewater management services as well.

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Why Precast Concrete Septic Tanks Are Better Than Plastic Tanks in San Rafael

concrete septic tankDo you need one or more water tanks or septic tanks in San Rafael, California? You might be contemplating the differences between precast concrete septic tanks and plastic septic tanks. While plastic tanks can be economical, they aren’t ideal for many purposes. In fact, most individuals and companies prefer buying materials from a concrete tank manufacturer. Consider the following factors before committing to either precast concrete septic tanks or plastic tanks in San Rafael.

Weight Matters

While it may seem that a light weight plastic tank would be ideal, heavier precast concrete septic tanks actually offer several advantages. One of the most important, however, is the fact that concrete tanks are too heavy to float. This ensures your tank stays exactly where you want it to. Continue Reading →

Pros and Cons of Concrete Septic Tanks in San Rafael

concrete septic tankAre you interested in purchasing a concrete septic tank in San Rafael, California? Wastewater tanks can be made from a number of materials, including fiberglass and plastic. For many, concrete is the best choice. These tanks, however, aren’t ideal for every situation. Consider the following pros and cons as you decide whether a concrete septic tank is right for your project in San Rafael.


There’s a reason so many homeowners and businesses prefer concrete septic tanks; these units offer both residential and commercial customers many positive features. First and foremost is durability. Concrete tanks are very strong and will last for a long time when properly maintained. They are also unlikely to be damaged by heavy machinery during the installation process. One very practical advantage of a concrete tank is that you won’t have trouble applying for a construction permit because most locations allow the use of concrete septic tanks. Continue Reading →

Benefits of a Precast Grease Interceptor in Fairfield

grease-interceptorDo you own or manage a restaurant or food processing company in Fairfield, California? If so, it’s important that you have a functioning grease trap. Many business owners prefer using a precast grease interceptor made from concrete. These units efficiently prevent fat, oil, and grease from clogging up the pipes in your facility. When these waste products are not separated properly, they can cause clogged drains and backups. Consider the following features when purchasing a new precast grease interceptor from a concrete tank manufacturer in Fairfield.

Durable Construction

Precast grease interceptors are very durable, especially when constructed out of concrete. In fact, a well-made interceptor can last up to five decades. These units will also require very little maintenance.

Size and Capacity Variety

You will easily be able to find a precast grease interceptor that meets your size and capacity requirements. It’s important to note that larger interceptors require less frequent cleaning. This should be a factor when considering which model to buy.


Additionally, precast grease interceptors are extremely functional. Most manufacturers guarantee that they will be watertight and many will vacuum test the unit after installation. This is also a very economical solution because the installation is easy. This means that the cost of labor will be far less than with other alternatives on the market.

Need a Precast Grease Interceptor in Fairfield?

Do you need a precast grease interceptor for your restaurant in Fairfield, California? It’s important to find a concrete manufacturer that you can trust. Fortunately, you won’t have to search long. The experts at Selvage Concrete Products Inc. in Santa Rosa have numerous concrete and fiberglass solutions for your business. In addition to grease traps, we also offer water tanks, septic tanks, sand and oil traps and sand/oil separators for both residential and commercial purposes. We have extensive experience with wastewater management as well.

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Why a Plastic Water Tank Is Not Ideal for Potable Water Storage in Rohnert Park

plastic water tankAre you interested in learning the differences between concrete, fiberglass, and plastic water tanks in Rohnert Park, California? If you need to store potable water, think twice before choosing a plastic water tank over a fiberglass or concrete tank manufacturer. While the production of plastic water tanks has doubled over the last 15 years, these units are not ideal for storing drinkable water. There are many reasons to avoid using plastic water tanks. Keep the following information in made as you look for the right water tank in Rohnert Park.

The Benefits

One of the reasons that plastic water tanks have gained popularity is that they can be made for less than concrete and fiberglass tanks. This means they are also cheaper for consumers and businesses to purchase. Additionally, plastic is lighter in weight and can be relocated more easily.

The Drawbacks

While seemingly superior, a plastic water tank has many alarming drawbacks. Water toxicity from the plastic and synthetic chemicals is a huge concern. Only plastic tanks that are certified resistant to both heat and UV rays, as well as manufactured from non-toxic materials, can be considered adequate alternatives to concrete and fiberglass tanks. Strong heat and exposure to the sun allows chemicals to melt and mix with the water. If the tank impacts the odor or taste of the water, it’s possible that it’s harming those who consume the contents. Continue Reading →

What You Need to Know About Sand and Oil Traps in Novato

selvage concrete productsDo you need to purchase a sand and oil trap for your residence or business in Novato, California? While incredibly important, most people aren’t very familiar with what these units actually do. Keep this basic information in mind as you look for a concrete tank manufacturer who sells sand and oil traps in Novato. 

Many Uses; Same Function

A sand and oil trap is incredibly useful for any type of industry that utilizes large amounts of water. They are part of the mechanical cleaning process in wastewater treatment, effectively separating sand, stones, grass, glass fragments, oil, and fat from wastewater.

Two Methods Available

There are several cleaning methods available: unventilated and ventilated sand and oil traps. While each one has its benefits, you will need to select the one that works best for your particular situation. Continue Reading →

About Non-Traffic Rated Tanks in Napa

non-traffic rated tanksDo you need a concrete or fiberglass tank for a septic system or wastewater treatment system in Napa, California? Non-traffic rated tanks are useful, but not for every situation. Find out more about this product, its uses, and its limits from a concrete tank manufacturer before making your purchase. Keep the following information in mind as you decide if a non-traffic rated tank meets your specific needs in Napa.

Ideal for Sanitary and Sewer Industry

Non-traffic rated tanks are ideal for use within the sanitary and sewer industry. While sturdy and functional, they are not made to withstand the weight of vehicles.

Residential and Light Duty Commercial Applications

These tanks are most commonly utilized for residential and commercial pretreatment tanks. Unlike traffic rated tanks, non-traffic rated tanks have thinner side walls, as well as thinner bottom and top slabs. They also lack the rebar reinforcement of their counterparts. Continue Reading →

Choosing a Livestock Trough in Vallejo

livestock troughDo you require a livestock trough for your horses or cows in Vallejo, California? It’s important to realize that not every trough is made equal; all livestock owners need to choose the right product for their specific needs. Before making a purchase you regret, consider the following factors when you begin looking for a livestock trough in Vallejo, and then contact Selvage Concrete Products of Santa Rosa for help.


Livestock troughs are available in a number of different materials. Popular options include plastic, steel, and concrete. While there are benefits to each, concrete livestock troughs are often a good choice. These are very durable and remain functional regardless of weather changes. Continue Reading →

What to Consider When Replacing Your Grease Trap in Petaluma

replacing grease trapIf you own a restaurant in Petaluma, California, you already know that grease traps are a necessity. Unfortunately, however, they don’t last forever, even with proper maintenance. While there are a wide variety of wastewater treatment options available, choosing the one that’s best for you can be difficult. Before you contact a grease trap manufacturer in Petaluma about replacing your grease trap, consider the following factors.

Total Ownership Costs

Replacing your grease trap based solely on initial cost isn’t ideal. It’s important to keep in mind the overall cost of installing, maintaining, and draining the grease trap over time. Be sure to ask your grease trap installation company about average cost of ownership for their units.

Location and Size Requirements

Where will you be putting your grease trap, and how large does it need to be for your business? You’ll need to verify that you’re within code compliance for both the amount of grease your trap can handle and where it’s located. Make sure to check with local authorities before deciding on replacing your grease trap.  Continue Reading →

What You Need to Know About Sump Tanks in Santa Rosa

sump tankAre you looking for a reliable storage solution for your business or home in Santa Rosa, California? Depending on your particular needs, there are a variety of storage tank options available. Sump tanks, for example, are a functional answer for many individuals and companies. In many cases, these can be the perfect solution, especially when installed by an IAPMO certified storage tank company. Here are some facts you should know about sump tanks in Santa Rosa.     

The Basics

Sump tanks are water collecting reservoirs that are generally placed underground, or at least partially underground. Water is gathered in the tank and filtered to other portions of a water system or stored for later use. Sump tanks function best in areas with a low water table and in less rocky conditions. This allows a professional storage tank company to install them easily.


Since there’s no tap on sump tanks, there is minimal opportunity for water leakage. Additionally, sump tanks have next to no effect on area aesthetics. While best suited for larger capacities, they are available in several sizes. Waste water treatment and storage tank companies can create custom tanks to meet your specifications. 


Because sump tanks are primarily underground, they are susceptible to tree roots and shifting earth. They can also become a safety hazard if the cover is left open. Cleaning and draining can become an issue as well.

Are You Interested in a Sump Tank?

If you think that a sump tank is right for you, Selvage Concrete Products Inc. of Santa Rosa, California can help. Our company manufactures and sells both stock and custom tanks suitable for a variety of purposes. We also provide water tanks, grease interceptors, and sand/oil separators. Visit our website for more information or call (707) 229–1218 to discuss sump tanks in Santa Rosa today!

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