Advantages of Fiberglass Tanks in Vallejo

selvage concrete productsDo you need a water or septic tank for a project in Vallejo, California? Fiberglass tanks have several advantages for both commercial and residential purposes. While concrete tanks are a viable option as well, many companies prefer ordering products exclusively from a fiberglass tank manufacturer. Keep the following advantages in mind as you decide whether or not fiberglass tanks will work for your project in Vallejo.

Reduced Weight

Fiberglass tanks are ideal for many situations because they weigh less than other options. Concrete is a lot heavier than fiberglass. If your project involves ground that can’t support excessive weight, a fiberglass tank is the best solution.

Easy Transportation

Fiberglass tanks are also quite easy to transport. Because they weigh less, the transportation process isn’t as difficult to orchestrate. This makes them perfect for locations where large trucks can’t get to. They can also be lifted by a crane.

Simple Installation

Fiberglass tanks are easier to install than concrete tanks. Again, this is due in large part to their reduced weight. Additionally, once these tanks are properly installed, the can last several decades.

Need More Information About Fiberglass Tanks in Vallejo?

Do you need more information about fiberglass tanks in Vallejo, California? If you think a fiberglass tank is the right choice for your project, it’s important to find a manufacturer you can trust. Contact Selvage Concrete Products Inc. in Santa Rosa today with questions about our tanks. We’ll be happy to help you select a tank that will suit your specific needs. Whether you need a sump, septic, and water tank, we can help! You can also count on us for grease inceptors, sand and oil traps and sand/oil separators. Our products are available to both residential and commercial customers, and we offer superior wastewater management services as well.

Fiberglass Tanks in Vallejo

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