What Is a Sump Tank and How Is it Used in Petaluma?

selvage concrete productsDo you have problems with flooding on your property or are you looking for a way to collect unwanted water from around your business in Petaluma, California? Depending on your specific circumstances, installing a sump tank might be the best solution. While useful for homeowners and companies, many people are unfamiliar with what these tanks do and how they function. Consider the following information before contacting a sump tank manufacturer in Petaluma.


There are several uses for a sump tank. While frequently used to collect unwanted water, they can also be used to transport effluent from a septic tank to a drain field. Additionally, these tanks can be utilized as pumping chambers.


A sump tank is an important part of a ground water collection system. Once the collected water fills the tank to a certain level, a pump activates and the water is drained to its final destination.


It’s very important that your sump tank be installed properly. In most cases, these tanks need to be placed on an even surface. Additionally, they should be located where water collection is easiest.

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Do you need to talk to an expert about a sump tank in Petaluma, California? Now that you’re more familiar with sump tanks and what they are used for, you can make a more informed decision. To receive expert advice, quality workmanship and unbeatable customer service, contact Selvage Concrete Products Inc. in Santa Rosa. We manufacture sump, septic, and water tanks of all sizes from both concrete and fiberglass. You can also count on us for grease inceptors, sand and oil traps and sand/oil separators. Our products are available to both residential and commercial customers and we offer superior wastewater management services as well.

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