Why Precast Concrete Septic Tanks Are Better Than Plastic Tanks in San Rafael

concrete septic tankDo you need one or more water tanks or septic tanks in San Rafael, California? You might be contemplating the differences between precast concrete septic tanks and plastic septic tanks. While plastic tanks can be economical, they aren’t ideal for many purposes. In fact, most individuals and companies prefer buying materials from a concrete tank manufacturer. Consider the following factors before committing to either precast concrete septic tanks or plastic tanks in San Rafael.

Weight Matters

While it may seem that a light weight plastic tank would be ideal, heavier precast concrete septic tanks actually offer several advantages. One of the most important, however, is the fact that concrete tanks are too heavy to float. This ensures your tank stays exactly where you want it to.

Rust Potential

Both plastic and fiberglass tanks are prone to developing rust over time, which can be extremely problematic. Precast concrete septic tanks, on the other hand, do not rust. In fact, they tend to become stronger over time.

Damage During Installation

It’s not unheard of for a tank to be damaged during the installation process. In fact, it happens more often than you might expect. This is especially true for plastic tanks. Precast concrete septic tanks are much harder to break.

Ready to Purchase a Precast Concrete Septic Tank in San Rafael?

Are you interested in purchasing one or more precast concrete septic tanks or water tanks in San Rafael, California? Now that you understand a few significant differences between concrete and plastic tanks, it’s easy to see why so many companies and homeowners prefer precast products. To receive expert advice and unbeatable customer service, contact Selvage Concrete Products Inc. in Santa Rosa. You can also count on us for grease interceptors, sand and oil traps and sand/oil separators. We provide quality products to both residential and commercial customers and offer wastewater management services as well.

Precast Concrete Septic Tanks in San Rafael

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