Why a Plastic Water Tank Is Not Ideal for Potable Water Storage in Rohnert Park

plastic water tankAre you interested in learning the differences between concrete, fiberglass, and plastic water tanks in Rohnert Park, California? If you need to store potable water, think twice before choosing a plastic water tank over a fiberglass or concrete tank manufacturer. While the production of plastic water tanks has doubled over the last 15 years, these units are not ideal for storing drinkable water. There are many reasons to avoid using plastic water tanks. Keep the following information in made as you look for the right water tank in Rohnert Park.

The Benefits

One of the reasons that plastic water tanks have gained popularity is that they can be made for less than concrete and fiberglass tanks. This means they are also cheaper for consumers and businesses to purchase. Additionally, plastic is lighter in weight and can be relocated more easily.

The Drawbacks

While seemingly superior, a plastic water tank has many alarming drawbacks. Water toxicity from the plastic and synthetic chemicals is a huge concern. Only plastic tanks that are certified resistant to both heat and UV rays, as well as manufactured from non-toxic materials, can be considered adequate alternatives to concrete and fiberglass tanks. Strong heat and exposure to the sun allows chemicals to melt and mix with the water. If the tank impacts the odor or taste of the water, it’s possible that it’s harming those who consume the contents.

Looking for a Safe Water Tank Manufacturer in Rohnert Park?

While potentially cheaper, you should never choose a plastic water tank for potable water storage in Rohnert Park, California. If you’re looking for a reliable concrete and fiberglass tank manufacturer, contact Selvage Concrete Products Inc. in Santa Rosa. We’re the perfect place to purchase water tanks, grease traps, septic tanks, sand and oil traps and sand/oil separators for both residential and commercial purposes. We also offer wastewater management services.

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