About Non-Traffic Rated Tanks in Napa

non-traffic rated tanksDo you need a concrete or fiberglass tank for a septic system or wastewater treatment system in Napa, California? Non-traffic rated tanks are useful, but not for every situation. Find out more about this product, its uses, and its limits from a concrete tank manufacturer before making your purchase. Keep the following information in mind as you decide if a non-traffic rated tank meets your specific needs in Napa.

Ideal for Sanitary and Sewer Industry

Non-traffic rated tanks are ideal for use within the sanitary and sewer industry. While sturdy and functional, they are not made to withstand the weight of vehicles.

Residential and Light Duty Commercial Applications

These tanks are most commonly utilized for residential and commercial pretreatment tanks. Unlike traffic rated tanks, non-traffic rated tanks have thinner side walls, as well as thinner bottom and top slabs. They also lack the rebar reinforcement of their counterparts.

Limited Coverage Depth

Additionally, non-traffic rated tanks are often constructed to withstand a maximum coverage depth of a few feet. Make sure you keep your situation’s specific limits in mind during installation.

Interested in Non-Traffic Rated Tanks in Napa?

Are you interested in learning more about non-traffic rated tanks in Napa, California? Contact Selvage Concrete Products Inc. in Santa Rosa to receive the expert buying advice, quality craftsmanship, and customer service you deserve. Our company manufactures and sells a wide variety of concrete and fiberglass products, including grease traps, water tanks, septic tanks, and sand/oil separators. With almost 70 years of experience producing and selling traffic and non-traffic rated, IAPMO certified residential and commercial tanks, you can count on us and our products. Visit our website for more information about our company and the services we offer, including expert wastewater management. Call (707) 229–1218 to schedule an appointment. We look forward to serving as your non-traffic rated tank provider in Napa!

Non-Traffic Rated Tanks in Napa

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