Choosing a Livestock Trough in Vallejo

livestock troughDo you require a livestock trough for your horses or cows in Vallejo, California? It’s important to realize that not every trough is made equal; all livestock owners need to choose the right product for their specific needs. Before making a purchase you regret, consider the following factors when you begin looking for a livestock trough in Vallejo, and then contact Selvage Concrete Products of Santa Rosa for help.


Livestock troughs are available in a number of different materials. Popular options include plastic, steel, and concrete. While there are benefits to each, concrete livestock troughs are often a good choice. These are very durable and remain functional regardless of weather changes.


Another important factor to consider when choosing a livestock trough in Vallejo is size. Because needs vary, livestock troughs are available in many sizes. Most farmers require troughs that can hold 140 to 500 gallons of water. Concrete livestock troughs can often be made to your specifications. Contact a local concrete tank manufacturer for custom orders.


You must also remember the safety of your livestock. Plastic livestock troughs, for example, can break, and the resulting sharp edges can cut your horses or cows. This is particularly problematic in locations with colder climates.

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