What to Consider When Replacing Your Grease Trap in Petaluma

replacing grease trapIf you own a restaurant in Petaluma, California, you already know that grease traps are a necessity. Unfortunately, however, they don’t last forever, even with proper maintenance. While there are a wide variety of wastewater treatment options available, choosing the one that’s best for you can be difficult. Before you contact a grease trap manufacturer in Petaluma about replacing your grease trap, consider the following factors.

Total Ownership Costs

Replacing your grease trap based solely on initial cost isn’t ideal. It’s important to keep in mind the overall cost of installing, maintaining, and draining the grease trap over time. Be sure to ask your grease trap installation company about average cost of ownership for their units.

Location and Size Requirements

Where will you be putting your grease trap, and how large does it need to be for your business? You’ll need to verify that you’re within code compliance for both the amount of grease your trap can handle and where it’s located. Make sure to check with local authorities before deciding on replacing your grease trap. 


The type of grease trap you choose to install will determine how it will be maintained. While some restaurants choose to have them emptied manually by an employee, others hire an outside company. You will need to empty grease trap periodically, depending on how much grease you produce. Be sure to ask your local grease trap professional about maintenance before replacing your grease trap.

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