What You Need to Know About Sump Tanks in Santa Rosa

sump tankAre you looking for a reliable storage solution for your business or home in Santa Rosa, California? Depending on your particular needs, there are a variety of storage tank options available. Sump tanks, for example, are a functional answer for many individuals and companies. In many cases, these can be the perfect solution, especially when installed by an IAPMO certified storage tank company. Here are some facts you should know about sump tanks in Santa Rosa.     

The Basics

Sump tanks are water collecting reservoirs that are generally placed underground, or at least partially underground. Water is gathered in the tank and filtered to other portions of a water system or stored for later use. Sump tanks function best in areas with a low water table and in less rocky conditions. This allows a professional storage tank company to install them easily.


Since there’s no tap on sump tanks, there is minimal opportunity for water leakage. Additionally, sump tanks have next to no effect on area aesthetics. While best suited for larger capacities, they are available in several sizes. Waste water treatment and storage tank companies can create custom tanks to meet your specifications. 


Because sump tanks are primarily underground, they are susceptible to tree roots and shifting earth. They can also become a safety hazard if the cover is left open. Cleaning and draining can become an issue as well.

Are You Interested in a Sump Tank?

If you think that a sump tank is right for you, Selvage Concrete Products Inc. of Santa Rosa, California can help. Our company manufactures and sells both stock and custom tanks suitable for a variety of purposes. We also provide water tanks, grease interceptors, and sand/oil separators. Visit our website for more information or call (707) 229–1218 to discuss sump tanks in Santa Rosa today!

Reliable Sump Tanks in Santa Rosa

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